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It Is Up to You to Determine Your Success

It remains simple. You can have the success you desire, the dream you imagine, or the possibilities you hope for IF (and remember, IF is half of LIFE) you make the choice.

It is your choice and it is no more complicated than that.

Thom Rigsby, The Unashamed Non-Conformist was talking about how sometimes we choose to stay where we are even if we aren’t happy where we are.

“Why do you think that is?” He asked.

create your own vision

I shared what Keith and I talk about often, sometimes we stay uncomfortable in our comfortable because at least it’s familiar.

I’ve been trying to drop in on Thom’s morning livestream because it is a great way to start my morning and find my focus. This day, his challenge would push me.

What will you do in the next fifty minutes to move into your ‘uncomfortable’?

I didn’t have a plan for the next fifty minutes. I was still trying to find my balance in my new schedule.

The day before, I had spent some time with Natalie Cone. The challenge Thom presented fell in line with what Natalie had hit me with while we were working on #WriteTalk podcast. “You can’t improve on nothing.” Natalie pointed out.

your choice - improve on nothing

I had nothing to move me into my ‘uncomfortable’ so I knew I had to get something if I was going to improve on it. The Snarky Rainbows Moment above is the result . . . and also my own challenge for you.

Everything we want is within our grasp . . . but we have to be willing to take the action that will reach out and gasp it. You will never enjoy the water if you stand at the ladder looking. Climb up, jump off, and be refreshed in the results.

I dare you!

Be blessed,

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I want to hear your challenge attempts and successes. Share below how you have dared to jump into your ‘uncomfortable.’

Time to Find Your Focus

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