Join Me in Pursuit to Dare to Be More

Do you dare?

I asked myself that question in the last moments of the last day of last month.

Did I dare to try more than I had tried before and to continue doing what I accomplished in the days past?

dare to be more

Yes. Yes, I do dare.

I jumped into the day out of obligation. My son needed to be at work by 5 am and I committed to making sure he was up and going. I’m supposed to be up at 4 am anyway, but I had fallen out of the habit

(Side note: it’s always interesting how investing in others aids in our own journey)

It turns out it’s easy to fall out of a habit you’ve spent months building.

So I dared.

And I am challenging you to dare as well.

There will be plenty of excuses over the next few weeks – after all, the holiday season is in full swing. But if you want, and if you dare, then you will be able to find the time you need to get it done.

Dare to be More

dare to be more

    • More than last month – make a list of all the different accomplishments or behaviors you reached last month. Make plans to keep on going forward but to add a few more choices as you go.
    • More than last week – think about all of the things you did last week – and weight what worked and what didn’t work. Make plans to do the better things and to do more than you did last week.
  • More than yesterday – look at what you did yesterday and hold that up to where you want to go. Make plans to do your more so you can be the more you dare to dream.

The more you dare to do, the more you will get done. It’s basic math. If you attempt to reach the stars, even if you miss, at least you will have flown.

How will you do more? What steps will you take? Will you dare to fly?

You can and I’ll be on this journey with you. Join me over at the Facebook Page and share your #DaretoBe actions for this month.

Let’s work together to make the most of the last few weeks of the year so we are prepared to do even more in the New Year.

Be blessed,
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