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Give a Jolt – Writing Success for Your Journey – ABC's to Grow a Writer

Jolt Your Words for Writing SuccessJolt Your Writing – the ABC’s to Grow a Writer

Building a successful writing career can require a jolt of inspiration and motivation to get through the journey. The path comes with bumps, bruises, trials and tribulations – and that is on the road to success. The right encouragement can be the key to the attitude that keeps on keeping on and the one that is found later just lying in the ditch.

Keeping the momentum for consistent writing can be a challenge. When things are going downhill then it can be tough to find a way to turn them around. When things are at their peak then it can be tough to keep them at that point. The right steps at the right moment can ignite a new enthusiasm for the words.

Getting a Jolt to Writing Success

    – Look for a challenge. There are writing and blog challenges at different sites on a regular basis. You can also set up your own challenge (through your site or sites like ezinearticles.com). Sometimes having that extra push can be just what you need to get your writing career moving forward.

    – Get accountable. It was easier to hit my deadlines when they were for other people. I knew they were counting on me (and I was counting on their checks). If I held the same standards to my own work then it might be what pushes me into the writing success that I desire. I have asked my husband to be my “editor” and to hold me accountable to set deadlines.

    – Do something different. Step outside your box and enter a contest for a genre different from your normal routine. A short story contest opened doors for me into a new genre and provided publicity that I would have missed out on if I had not taken that leap.

If you always do what you have always done then you will always get what you always got. To jump start a writing career or to give it that jolt to the next level, step outside the box. Do something different. Do something with others. Do something that is unexpected. Staying motivated with your writing can be as simple as finding a jolt for your words.

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