Journey to Change – Day Four – 7-18-16

Journey to Change

No plan, no pills, no programs – just better choices and determined commitment to those choices

Today was a much better day – although I could still feel the edges of the migraine. I was up before my alarm and that means that I get half my day done before most people get up out of bed (at least most of the people in this house).

I planned (and prepared) a great breakfast, a great lunch, and a great dinner and still got my work done for the day.

I just need to get some work for tomorrow done today so that I will be ahead.


    LEARNING: 4:30 am – morning Bible reading; 7:00 Morning Mindset blab; 12:00 – Law of Attraction blab

    FUELING: 8:00 am – Ice water (28 oz) 9:00 am – two small pancakes, one sausage patty, and ¼ grits. 11:00 – Ice water (28 oz); 1:30 pm – 1 cup whole wheat spaghetti and 1 cup mixed salad; 5:30 pm – ¼ cup green beans and ¼ cup t-bone steak

    ENGAGING: Charlene in blab, Walter and Steve in blab

Recap of the Day

Today was another good day, but I did take a break around lunch time and take off until closer to 7 pm. I still didn’t do too much movement because I still feel the edges of that migraine and I know that movement can intensify that edge into something more.

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