Journey to Change – Day Three – 7-17-16

Journey to Change

No plan, no pills, no programs – just better choices and determined commitment to those choices

Today started out special – and by special I mean painful. I didn’t even need an alarm clock to wake me because the radiating pain at the base of my skull did that at 4:30 am. For those that have never had the experience of a migraine, that is what it was. I took some pain medication and assumed my pressure point pushing position to fight it off – which means I did not get out of bed until after 8 am and I am still filling the side effects of the migraine.

I tried to figure out what I did different yesterday that could have made room for the migraine to squeeze in and I finally came to the conclusion that I did not drink enough water. I normally refill my water bottle several times throughout the day, but because yesterday was a do nothing day, I didn’t even bother.

I won’t be repeating that mistake any time soon.

I already know that sugar can be a trigger as well, so I avoid high intakes of sugar, particularly during certain times of the month. Knowing my triggers, and learning my body responses to certain foods and situations are key to making the better choices for me.

That’s the most important part of a life changing journey – finding what works FOR ME because I am unique from everyone else out there. I can learn from others and I can take bits and pieces from others. In the end I have to find what works for me because if it doesn’t work for me then I won’t work it and I will be back to where I started instead of moving forward in purpose and on purpose.



    FUELING: 9:00 am lemon/apple cider vinegar water (28 oz); 10:00 am – two fried eggs and 1 cup grits (trying to add a little salt to my system); 1:30 pm 1 ½ slices pepperoni pizza and ¼ cup bbq chips.


Recap of the Day

The day was another one of doing very little – one, because my printer and my computer both decided to stop talking to the network for most of the day. Two, because I am still feeling the edges of that migraine and too much doing makes me sick.

I did end the day with some writing, but I still don’t feel 100% so will be calling it another early night.

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