Journey to Change – Day Fourteen – 7-28-16

Change happens – I can direct it or allow it to direct me – but it will happen!

Journey to Change

No plan, no pills, no programs – just better choices and determined commitment to those choices

Today EVERYTHING changed (technically it was yesterday when I went to pick up the boys, but today was the first full day in it).

Focus for the Journey to Change

    MOVING: (cleaning and cooking but I didn’t keep up with times)

    LEARNING: 4:30 am – Scripture reading; 10:00 am – Think and Grow Rich livestream

    FUELING: 9:00 am – pancakes, eggs, sausage; 1:00 pm – cheesy spirals, salad, carrots; 3:00 pm – 1 cup potato chips


Recap of the Day

The boys are back from summer camp which means my quiet, focused summer has come to its end. Although I am committed to continuing on this journey to change, I know that the next few days will require some adjustments.

For one, I have to feed them – although they can “fend for themselves,” I have discovered that the resulting mess is more trouble than its worth. (For the record, I made dinner tonight, I just didn’t eat any of it – and I STILL have to clean up the mess and run the dishwasher before I got to sleep)

For another, I have to keep them on target – and that means I have to take the focus off my own target at least for a few moments each day (or each hour when it comes to some of them).

The adjustments give me a GREAT reason not to put on, but I am pushing on. I am ready to have a different life and that different will require that I push on with change.

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