Just Say Yes

There is a movie out with Jim Carey called “the Yes Man.” I have no idea what it’s about or how good the movie is or isn’t, but I get the idea that he is saying yes to everything. I’m tackling that in my own life. It may sound crazy but it’s changing my attitude and changing the attitude of the people around me.

    1. I’m saying yes to my husband – any time of the day. He’s a much happier man than he was just a few weeks back. And he’s grinning a lot more than I’ve seen him do since we were dating.

    2. I’m saying yes to the invitations – I’m keeping my calendar handy so that I don’t OVER schedule but unless there is an absolute conflict I am saying yes to the party invites, the play days and what ever else comes along.

    3. I’m saying yes to muse – no matter what is on television I’m writing and amazingly I have yet to run into any conflicts. Apparently my muse wants a break just about the time the kids need mom or someone else needs me ;).

    4. I’m saying yes to the person that I once was – the extrovert who always knew where the party was mostly because I was the one throwing the party. My husband and my family deserve the whole me and not the one that I’ve created because of the baby weight or other concerns.

    5. I’m saying yes to new friends and to old – when someone invites me to go to lunch or have dinner then I make the date right then. All of our lives are so busy that if we don’t make definite plans right now then we likely never will.

Give it a try. Say yes to all the things that come into your life. Say yes to your spouse, your children and the opportunities that you have been letting pass up until now. You might be as amazed as I am at the difference one word can make I your life and in the lives of all those around you.

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