Words have power – for good and for bad. I learned that lesson the hard way when words were used against me and now I seek out opportunities to use that power for good. I practice using the power of words for good through seminars, workshops, presentations, and podcasts.

Speaker Sessions from Kathryn Lang

  • Place in Purpose: Answer the four questions that will help you unlock your uniqueness and begin the journey to pursue that uniqueness to your success.
  • The Husband Whisperer: Top secrets for having that perfect spouse that you always desired. Given in thirty-minute segments.
  • Plan for World Domination: Gather up the intention, focus, and other elements you need to so you can leave prepared to tackle your own personal world domination.
  • Building Your Army: Simple ideas for creating a foundation of fervent foundational fans to will help pave the path for success.
  • Balance Your Time: Life, responsibilities, and circumstances often conspire against you. Simple tips can help you create a way to make time for writing.
  • Growing Encouraged: Learn the traits that will help you live INcouraged and also that will grow you to the place where you can instill courage in the lives of those you
  • encounter.

  • It’s All about Relationships: Learn the five not-so-secrets for growing relationships and five tips for making relationships a priority.

I am first and foremost a hopesmith. I invest in encouraging the building of community, connections, and relationships while developing the pursuit of being relentlessly helpful in and through it all.