Keep Going Even When You Want to Quit

Reflections and HOPE for May 9, 2021

It’s a choice to keep going. When you want to quit, and things seem too hard to move forward, you have to choose to move anyway. When everything around you seems to be piling up against you, you have to make the choice to keep going. When the storms blacken the sky in never-ending succession, you have to determine to move forward with the belief that the sun is still shining despite the clouds.

It is a choice, but it’s not always painless to make the choice.

  • Some days, even the optimistic positivity spreader wants to waller around in the negatives.
  • Some days, even the one that always finds the silver lining tires of looking.

But it’s still a choice.

Reasons to Keep Going

Find a Reason to Keep Going

  1. Remember the Goal. If you keep going, you will get there. And there is no other way to get there. You have to move, or you have to stay where you are – there are no other choices.
  2. Think of Others. You are not alone in this journey (even on the days when it feels that way). Others are watching your steps and even finding inspiration from your attitude, focus, and/or determination. Think of them when the going gets too tough.
  3. Refuse to Give In. If you quit, they win. That alone can provide fuel to determination. A small spark of “get up and go” is all you need to make the choice to keep going.

It’s a choice to keep going. When discouragement pushes down on your chest, making it difficult to breathe, you have to choose to keep breathing – deep breath in; deeper breath out. When the tears demand to be released, let them run but choose to keep going despite the tears. When the thunder roars loud enough to rock the foundation, know the Rock will hold you and choose to stand.

It is a choice, but it is a choice you can make.

How to keep going

How to Make the Choice

  1. Close your eyes. The reality of the moment doesn’t change Truth. When you close your eyes and look with your heart, you can see beyond the limits of the moment.
  2. Dwell on the positives. The more you put the positives into your eyes and ears, the more they settle into your heart. A heart that grows up positives will live a life of possibilities. Even better, negatives will always struggle to take root in a heart overflowing with positives.
  3. Keep feeding the positives. You have to nurture the positives to keep them alive. Hope, left on its own, will wither. Feed hope with encouragement, praise, and gratitudes. The more you are struggling, the more you need to double down on the positives. The positive fuel will break you through.
  4. Move a little. A little momentum makes it possible for more movement. If you doubt this, go outside and try to turn a stopped car. You have to get it going, even a little, for it to turn. Move a little so you can move some more.
  5. Get up. The only way forward is by getting up. We fall. We stumble. We land in a ditch. We come in last place (or get so far behind we think we’re first). Make the choice to get up and get going again. You’ll get there as long as you keep getting up and don’t stop, nothing will hold you back.

It is a choice.

What will you choose?

Be blessed,


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