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Daring Tips for Getting Started and Pushing Through

You have to get started and then you have to keep moving and pushing through until you get there. No matter where you are going or what you want to do, unless you go you will stay where you are.

Once you decide you will and then you invest in making it so, nothing will stop you.

God is definitely at work in my life right this second. While doing my bible study this morning, I stumbled over an old entry in my journal. It’s all about getting started and pushing through.

It relates to Paul and his many comparisons about athletes.

Paul tells us to run the race. There is a prize. If you want the prize then you have to be in the race. There is no other path to get the prize.

You have to run.

You have to finish the race. The prize is on the other side of the finish line. Until you go all the way and cross the finish line, you can finish the race.

It’s up to you to find your way for getting started and then it’s up to you to determine to keep on keeping on until you are pushing through the finish line.

You can if you will. But do you have the will to do what you can?

Getting Started

Paul’s Tips for Getting Started and Pushing Through

  • You have to practice – consistently – even if you don’t FEEL like it.
  • You have to prepare – know the rules and basics of the game.
  • You have to study – know the way the other team plays so you are ready to respond.
  • You have to go beyond – push yourself each day just beyond where you were yesterday – it’s the only way to get better.

Paul isn’t the only one to tell us that we have to make the choices for getting started and for pushing through.

4 Tips More for Getting Started and Pushing Through

Tip 1: lay aside everything that would hinder us and those sins that tend to entangle us. Are there things we are hanging onto with all our might that we just can’t or don’t want to give up? Yet deep down we know it’s slowing us down in our Christian walk? God tells us to throw it off. And He is there to help us do it.

Tip 2: run with perseverance. Don’t give up. Keep going. Run with everything you’ve got right to the end. Even when you might get distracted or trip or actually fall down, allow God to pick you, forgive you, brush you off, and then get right back in the race.

Tip 3: fix our eyes on Jesus. To fix your eyes on something means you don’t take your eyes off of it. You don’t look around, you don’t look down. You keep your eyes on Jesus, who is the author and the one perfecting your faith in you.

Tip 4: consider Him and that He endured great opposition. Are you discouraged, beaten down, facing opposition all around? Consider the opposition that Christ endured. Allow the Lord to encourage you and lift you up, so that will not grow weary or lose heart.

I know I can do this. I can say no to food, when I know I’m not hungry and I just want to eat. I can do the laundry when I just want to sit and watch television. I can get up with the baby when I want to lie in bed and make my husband do it instead.

I can do these things because the Giver of all things is alive in me.

What choices will you make for getting going and pushing through?

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