Lake Guntersville Writers – 2009 Spring Workshop

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be a presenter for the Spring Workshop of the Lake Guntersville Writers in Alabama. It was exciting meeting so many new writers eager to follow their passions.

If you have never had the opportunity to attend a workshop or conference for writers then you need to start making plans today. These are great opportunities to learn something new about freelance writing and also to gain inspiration to help motivate your writing when you return.

Good Things about the Lake Guntersville Writers Workshop

    1. It was a small workshop. This gave everyone plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Smaller groups also make it easier for people to speak up if they don’t understand a point. Interaction between participants and leaders helps with the learning process for everyone involved.

    2. The food was great! The Lumpkin House (a historical home and restaurant from neighboring Albertville) catered the event. It provided a HUGE sandwich, pasta salad and fresh fruit.

    3. The structure was casual. Participants and leaders at the Lake Guntersville Writers Spring Workshop sat around tables discussing topics, issues and individual situations. Everyone was encouraged to offer advice, information and experiences.

    4. Great goodie bags. The City of Guntersville, the Chamber of Commerce and local businesses (like Staples and Clean Slate Soaps) provided great treats for all the participants.

    5. The Lake Guntersville Writers – 2009 Spring Workshop offered an affordable price so that even beginning writers could attend. The one day event included lunch and cost $25.

    6. It was perfect for freelance writings starting out but had enough information for writers that were already actively pursuing a freelance writing career.

    7. The event was held in Guntersville, Alabama only blocks from Lake Guntersville so the setting was pleasant (although the weather didn’t want to cooperate).

It was the first time that the Lake Guntersville Writers put together an event like this and I thought it went well. On a scale from one to ten I would say it was about an eight.

Tips to Make the Lake Guntersville Writers Workshops Better

    • It would have been nice to have more workers helping people get checked in and settled in during the morning.

    • It would also have been a good idea to have a better breakdown of the sessions so that participants could gauge what they might learn from each session and when breaks would be coming.

    • It would be nice to have breaks long enough to enjoy the amazing setting of Lake Guntersville (although this might have to be reserved for longer events).

I am eager to attend more events like the one with the Lake Guntersville Writers yesterday. It was exciting being a presenter, but I also want to find more opportunities to be able to attend these workshops and conferences as well. Freelance writers need the accountability and motivation offered by these gatherings to help keep us focused on pursuing a career in writing.

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