Learn from the Past with Quote of the Day and Scripture Focus

Quote of the Day

Learn from the past. Don’t wallow in it.

Quote of the day 7-16-19 learn from the past

Thought of the Day

Don’t Wallow in the Past

You didn’t get it all right. Things happened. Mistakes were made. You fell down once or twice.

The key to building success is to accept that things have happened, to learn from those things, and to keep going.

If you stay in the past by reliving the mistakes or wallowing in the stumbles then you are never positioned to step out of that past.

You live there, in the troubles or trials, until you learn and move on.

Learn from the past. Don’t wallow in it.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

What mistake do you keep reliving? Think of one or two things you can learn and apply so you can move forward.

Daily challenge - learn from mistakes

Scripture of the Day

“Restore us, Lord. Cause Your face to shine and we will be saved.” – from Psalm 80:7

Scripture of the Day Psalm 80:7

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