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Learn to Invest in Hope

You have to invest in hope to grow more hope. And we need more hope because hope is the only thing that can power us through the darkness or the trials we are facing.  Whatever the darkness, the struggle, the pain point, or the barrier, hope makes a way.

Hope is more powerful than any darkness you will face.


Hope is more powerful than any darkness you will face.

You Can Learn to Invest In Hope

Hope makes a way. It fuels possibilities and dares big dreams. But if you are going to have the hope vision to see you through then you have to learn to invest in hope growing.

  • Look the part
  • Practice patience
  • Set a firm foundation of trust
  • Hang out with hope
  • Start asking What Now instead of why

Hope habits are built one little bit at a time. But when you pile enough together, you become unstoppable in your hope. 

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Argument with Self

I had been going through some tough times – you know, the kind that weighs you down and makes you wonder why you should ever get back up. 

I woke up, but I didn’t get up. I didn’t even open my eyes. Maybe if I kept them shut long enough, I wouldn’t realize I had woken up. 

As I lay there trying to pretend I was still asleep, my inner voices got into an argument.

Self: You know it’s time to get up.

Also Self: But I don’t want to. I want to stay in bed just where I am.

Self: You’re not sick.

Also Self: So. I want to stay here.

Self: But you have to get ready for church.

Also Self: But I don’t want to go to church. I want to stay in bed.

My also self had fallen into negative sloth mode. I didn’t want to see the day as fresh and new. I didn’t want to embrace the opportunities for positive engagement. I wanted to stay in my hole. 

Sometimes we get tangled up in “when bad things happen” and don’t want to climb out of that pit. Instead, we find ways to wallow around in it because at least other people will see how bad we feel and they will feel sorry for us. We legitimize our tough times through the care and concern and sorrow that others feel for us.

Hope shines the light in that darkness, which is why people who want to wallow don’t want to learn to invest in hope.

If you do make the investment in hope, it will change your life.

Invest in Hope

Look the part

Practice patience

Set a firm foundation of trust

Hang out with hope

Start asking What Now instead of why

Look the Part

Fake it until you make it, or in the case of investing in hope, just put on a happy face. Smiling will make you feel better and will make what you are dealing with a little lighter.

Practice Patience

The breakthrough doesn’t happen overnight. There is no such thing as overnight success. Suddenly happens in its season but with consistent and persistent actions backing it up.

Set a Firm Foundation of Trust

You can only hope in what you trust. Get busy learning the Truth and the Promises so you have a leg to stand on when you begin looking to hope.

Hang Out with Hope

The fastest way to grow hope in your life is to be around others that are growing hope. Find people that speak it, live it, share it, and cultivate it. If you are around hope long enough, you can help but catch a little bit for yourself.

Start Asking ‘What Now’ Instead of Why Me

Why keeps you locked in the past. What Now helps you start looking to the future. Remember, you can’t plow backward. You can only plow forwards.

Beyond the Limits

The world will tell you the situation is hopeless. They may even try to tel l you that you are beyond hope. Don’t let the cries of “there is no hope” begin to convince you that it’s true. No matter how dark the place or the moment, hope can light it up!

Invest in hope – a little here and a little there – until you have locked together a wall of hope that will hold back the most persistent attack the world can throw at you.

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Get the bonus content: Investing In Hope Worksheet

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