Learning in the Still of the Pause

Sometimes you need to stop – just for a moment – and recognize where you are. Even when getting there may be time sensitive, a moment of pause can keep you from having to back track – or worse, it can keep you from running off the road completely.

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I have faced a pile of stress around the house and throughout my life. Some of it, I had control over but still did little to reduce the stress. Other things were beyond my control. My reality and my faith collided around me and left the whole house reeling from the crash.

Nothing frustrates me more than to not have things go the way I determine they should go. I had a plan. I had a vision. I had a schedule. And yet, all around me things were veering off plan, getting blurry, and choosing to sleep in. It took several “edge-of-the-cliff” moments before I recognized that I needed to pause.

What I Learned in the Pause

    – I am on the right track. The vision that I have for this journey makes sense. It is feasible. It will take effort, determination, and is a stretch, but it can be done.

    – I can (and should) handle more. The idea that “an object in motion stays in motion” definitely holds true to my daily actions. The moment I sit down – whether that moment is in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening – to “take a break,” I struggle to take the next step. When I keep doing, and then I do more, I keeping getting more done.

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    – Waiting is not an option. Yes, I have to be still. Yes, I have to take pauses. Yes, there needs to be break times. Putting it off until tomorrow will leave me doing nothing because tomorrow is ALWAYS a day away.

    – Finish what you start. Hit the skip button if you must, but refuse to let the other things distract you from finishing. If you finish one thing then you will find that your motivation for pursuing and finishing the next project will be much higher.

It is not about doing nothing but it is more about not being so busy that you miss out on all the better things in life. There is something to the idea to “stop and smell the roses.” You need to slow down so that you can see where you are going, check where you have been, and then keep going until you finish.

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