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Learning New Ways to Make IT Work for Me

Learning gives me another tool to grow up my success. I need to invest in learning if I am going to grow up to where I desire to be.

Learning must be unique. I can learn from others, but I have to take the time to weed through all that learning and find what works for me or how I can make it work for me. The path that you walk will not be the path that I walk. I have to find my way if I am going to find my way.

Recently I heard that I should be spending 75% of my time on marketing efforts if I want to build up a successful career. I keep a record of how I am investing my time each day and I have yet to discover a way to make that figure work in my life.

I determined to learn more about marketing and about what others were doing to invest time in marketing successfully. It turns out there are a lot of opinions and ideas on how to market and how much to invest in that marketing.

10 Articles for Finding More Learning for Marketing Success

“How to Make Time for Social Media Marketing” – we all have limited time, but sometimes (most of the time) it is more about how we utilize the time that we have. Social media is NOT going away – at least not any time soon. Brett Relander offers some ideas for how I can begin to make social media work for me.

“More Marketing Time: How to Procrastinate Your Way to Success” – this had me at procrastination. The fact that I could listen while I worked on other things was another benefit. I am not so sure that I need to be encouraged to procrastinate, but it is always great to find new ways to utilize time.

“How Much Time Does Small Business Marketing Take?” – Bryony Thomas breaks down the amount of time that could be applied to different marketing techniques. Some of these may not take as long for me, but her list was a far cry from the 75% that I had heard.

“How Much Should You Invest in Marketing?” – Design by Friday breaks it down by how much I want to grow my business. The more I want to grow, the more resources I need to invest. This article recommends keeping the right focus and also setting up a way to measure ROI.

“How Much Time Should You Spend on Marketing” – Art Kuesel was talking about accounting businesses when he shared his ideas, but learning should never be limited to boxes. I can often find amazing ideas and adjust them or shift them so that they fit into my genre or my unique journey. He focuses more on quality marketing activities than the amount of time.

“How Much Money Should Companies Spend on Marketing?” – this article is about investment of financial resources, but it could be easily applied to time resources as well. There is a GREAT image that breaks down ROI.

“12 of the Best Marketing and Advertising Campaigns of All Time” – it is always a blessing to learn from those who have gone on before me – especially when they are the greatest of the great. Hubspot breaks down some of the best campaigns and why they were the best. I can begin learning new ways to take from their success and implement elements into my own journey.

“Seth Godin’s 11 Questions to Begin Your Online Marketing” – These are some great tips from the social media champion. I think my favorite was the definition of marketing – the story that people want to share – since it is ALL about relationships.

“How Business Should Be Using Social Media in 2015” – Sujan Patel shares some simple but practical ideas for putting social media to work for me. Hint: ENGAGEMENT is vital to success.

“It’s Not All Bad News: The Upside of Social Media” – in this article Michael Hyatt explains that social media is not bad – when looked at with the right focus. With generosity, introspection, relationships, and a lean towards the positive, he shows how to make social media a valuable addition in the success tool belt.

Learn something today. Learn something from someone with more understanding or more experience. Learn something and then take that something and see if it will work in your own unique journey.

I found a wealth of information for my online platforms and my day to day living because I was challenged by the idea that I should invest 75% of my day in marketing. This learning journey continues as I find ways to make that knowledge work for me.

Be blessed,


What inspires your learning? Share our links here or share some of the things you learned in the comments below.

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