Learning to Adjust to Life

Adjustments allow you to dodge bullets.

Boxes of stuff fill my office, front porch and back porch crying out to be put away. Dirty piles of laundry cover the living room floor demanding to be washed. Used dishes overflow the sink screaming to be cleaned just so they can be used again in the next round of cooking.

You have to love the holidays.

I had a plan. We would be back in our finished home with everything having a place and being in that place even before the first leaf fell. The yard would be landscaped, the kitchen would be stocked, the kids would do all the cooking and the husband would clean up behind them.

And I wonder why my husband says I live in a delusional world of rainbows and lollipops.

Life rarely goes like the perfect plan I place before it. There are too many other people that become involved in my life that have come in with plans of their own to make smooth running of my plan a possibility.

I have two choices: adjust or melt down.

Learning to Adjust to Life

    – Keep moving. Progress only comes with action. Take the next step. It may not lead to the end that you originally envisioned, but doing nothing will only make matters worse.

    – Evaluate the importance of the plan. Every choice has a price. You spend money, energy or time when you invest in a choice. Be sure that you are choosing those things that have the most value.

    – Accept the change. Anything that is not willing to change will ultimately die. Develop a flexibility mentality – become the Neo (from the Matrix) in your home that can slow down the bullets and twist in all directions to keep them from causing you harm. The bullets may still fly, but you will learn to step out of their way and continue on.

    – Remember that it will be okay. No matter how crazy it all seems, by continuing to move you get closer to the answer that will bring it all back around to some sort of order – even if that order is not what you imagined in the beginning.

Life will happen – adjust or melt down. Making a few adjustments will help you create the path to the life you envisioned even if that path may move a little different from the way you originally directed.

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