Lessons to Learn from Sampson

Sampson lived on the edge. He was a man devoted to God by his parents. He looked the part of devotion but he never fully embraced the devotion for himself. He chose to walk the edge of obedience and disobedience and it cost him his life and cost the life of the people around him as well.

A Look at the Life of Sampson

    • He grew up spoiled. He got what he wanted when he wanted it no matter how it fit into the grand plan. His parents allowed him to marry outside his faith and he expected that wife to sit around waiting on him while he went away.

    • Sampson was prone to fits. He burned the fields of the neighbors because he did not get what he wanted.

    • He was a tormentor. Sampson played with the feelings of those around him and they ended up turning on him in the end.

    • Sampson believed in his own abilities. He acted in a way that showed his faith in his own strength could defeat anything that he faced.

    • He was focused on self. Sampson was so enamored with self that he did not even miss the Holy Spirit when the Holy Spirit left him alone.

    • Sampson got off free and clear. He was not held accountable for the things that he did and it left him feeling like he never would be held accountable.

A Life Over the Edge

My life has become one of edge walking. I know what I am suppose to do and I attempt to do “just enough” so that I can convince self that it is done. I am not giving my all and therefore I am walking in disobedience. Like Sampson, it is only a matter of time before I fall over the edge unless I get back to where I am suppose to be.

    1. Am I spiritually spoiled? The life that I lead is not easy but it is a far cry from tough. God has blessed me to live where I live so do I expect more just because? My part of the blessing equation is to go and do all that God has told me to do and to be a light along the way.

    2. Am I doing the things that I know I was called to do? I live in this world but I have to choose to NOT be of this world. There are so many easy excuses to walk on the edge of the world. I have to choose to live the exceptional and peculiar life.

    3. Am I making excuses for my disobedience? Passing the buck started back in the garden and there are days when I think I have perfected it. The truth is that my life is my responsibility. If I am not receiving the blessings of God then I am standing in the wrong place. The ravens are delivering the food and I am just not there to grab it.

    4. Am I standing in my own strength? Organized people will try to structure and control life. Happy people will attempt to laugh or joke out of difficult situations. God calls us to be more than our physical talents and attributes allow.

    5. Am I staying at my comfort level? It is all too easy to attempt the things that I know I can do and avoid the things that might require some faith walking. God’s way requires a step out of my own strength and knowledge.

    6. Am I aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life? Life has a way of rolling out of control and before I know it I have skipped my prayer time, my study time and am moving away from where I need to be. It is important to quickly recognize these moments or risk being left out in the storm feeling completely alone.

God is so much more that me. His purpose for my life is more than I can think or imagine. If I can do it alone then there is no need for God. To reach that point of purpose I have to step out and follow Him. Staying in self will take me to the edge and eventually push me over into the emptiness below.

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