Life Lessons Learned from Sports


The rules are the rules and it doesn’t really matter what game you are playing. The other day I was discussing baseball with my middle son. We were talking about his hitting. “You have to keep your eye on the ball – just like in golf.” I was trying to point out that when you lose site of the target you get off mark.

I shared with him something that my geometry teacher taught me about drawing lines. He said that if you look where you are drawing instead of the end target that your line will be crooked. Keeping your focus on the end point will help keep the line straight. “It’s like this with all of the sports . . .”


It was at that moment that I realized that keeping my eye on the target is important no matter what the game may be – basketball, baseball, soccer, golf and most importantly the game of LIFE.

Spending my time looking behind me or even looking at where I am almost always gets me off track for getting to where I want to be. Reflection can help me get better but it can’t be the focus of my day.

Tips for Life I Learned from Sports

    1. I can only do what I can do. There is nothing that I can do to make others play better, play fairer or even play. My goal each day (and each game) has to be to do the best that I can do and to enjoy the experience.

    2. My encouragement of others effects my own game. Cheering on my team mates and lifting them up when they are down helps me play a better game. Saying negative things only brings down my level of play.

    3. Focusing on yesterday’s game will NOT win today’s game. The team I played yesterday will never be the team I play today or tomorrow. I have to continue to improve in my own skills and expect them to improve in theirs as well.

    4. Practice is the only way to improve. My game (and my life) will not get better with out putting my goals and my game to action through regular, consistent practice.

    5. Everyone needs a coach. There is always someone that knows more about what I am doing than I know. Finding a mentor and coach will give me the knowledge I need to continue to improve in my life and my game.

There is more to playing sports than just hitting a ball or running around a court or field. Sports are the perfect analogy for life. Keep your eye on your target, follow through and you will find the success that you desire.

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