Little Misses Make Big Messes

The other day I wrote about ignoring problems and how that “ignor-ance” will only lead to more problems. I left off discussing health and did not even think about it until today. There are times when something little happens in your body, a cough or sniffle maybe. It is a sure sign that trouble waters lie ahead unless measures are taken to avoid the upcoming collision.

The more I thought about the sickness aspect the more I started to understand that the little misses can make big messes. Ignoring the tickle in the back of my throat means dealing with a full on cold down the line. When I choose to continue to eat just a little beyond satisfied then I will be dealing with tighter pants and the need for a weight loss change in the near future. The longer the little miss is allowed to continue the further off the mark I am going to be.

    – Being off balance a little in the check book may not be a big deal unless that little continues to accumulate until the mistake begins to cause bigger issues in the form of overdrafts or bounced checks.

    – One bite of cake will not the waist line overtake. The issue happens when I take one bite, and then one bite more, and then one bite more until the cake is gone. Eating too much happens one bite at a time until it becomes a habit in itself.

    – One weed will not destroy the garden. One weed that is left unattended will grow stronger, put down deeper roots and then begin to spread. The longer the weed grows without restraint then the more damage will be done to the garden by the weed and when removing the weed.

Just watch one television show. Just take one drink. Just smoke one cigarette. One little miss may only just be off the mark but the farther you are from the target and the longer the miss stays in the air the more it will be off target when it hits.

Deal with the little misses and you will find there are fewer messes to deal with down the road.

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