Distractions Detract

Little Things Matter

The week started with a focus intense enough to drive me from sleep even before the sun had considered waking. I knew what needed to be done and I dove right in.

My twitter feed buzzed and I went to check out the latest mention or response. I commented back and spent a few minutes browsing the constant flow of tweets on my feed. Clicking through those tweets and reading the articles took a few minutes, but I found some great tips and ideas for continuing the determined path I started.

I took a break to feed the family. They get annoyed if I forget to do that at least three times a day. It was a great time for me to stretch out a little and get ready for the next attack at the plan I had set out during the pre-dawn hours.

My Google + bell had notifications in it, so I started back from my feed break by checking out comments and liking or sharing a few. These comments also lead me to some more great sites, so I spent a few minutes reading those and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.

I turned off my main computer and switched to my laptop so that I could sit and enjoy the crisp blue sky. I like changing up locations for my writing because it helps to keep the words moving. I finished out two articles and went looking for the perfect image to share with them.

I started sifting through the personal photos I have and found one that I had been meaning to share with a friend. It only took me a few minutes to crop it and post the picture to Facebook with her tagged in it. She commented immediately, and we shared some friendly banter.

My middle son stood in the door way with the look that tells me the next words out of his mouth will be “what’s to eat?” That required me stopping for the moment and feeding them again. I took some time after the meal to sit out on the deck and enjoy the sun.

I returned to my desk and my main computer to finish up the posting of the articles I had written. My email notification buzzed and when I clicked on it I realized that I had forgotten to check my emails that morning. I spent a few minutes reading through sifting through my emails and deleting what I would never read.

I figured that as long as I was already there I should answer the ones that I needed to answer. Better to do it now than to put it off until later because by then there will be so many that I will find a reason to put them off again. I spent a few minutes responding to emails or unsubscribing from those automated ones that I had been ignoring.

I took another few minutes to check my Twitter feed and to comment on ones running through. I found a few more websites with information I wanted to pass on. By now, I had enough windows opened to start a green house.

My middle son appeared again, so I knew it was that time. I feed the brood and then turned my attention to my plan. I had checked off only one item from the whole list.

The day started with such focused determination. I knew what I needed to do. I dove right in to get it done. At the end of the day, I felt further from my destination than when I started.

It only takes a little – a little action will make way for big changes, but a little distraction will block the course. I had allowed little distractions to build up and block the plan that started with such force.

Be aware of the little, because it is the little things that will make your big things happen (or not).

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    • The trouble I have had with the little things is that I don’t notice them until it’s too late – kindof like a mosquito that I only notice AFTER it bites me. Sharing with others on a regular basis and building relationships are helping become more accountable.

      What protections are you finding against the little things?