Living Beyond Conventional

I can.

I have made the same statement repeatedly over the last several weeks trying to move myself in the right direction. I know that if I will do what I know to do then I will get to where I need to be.

Because I can.

I have listened to others direct my path and tell me how even though my heart and experiences have pointed me down a different path. I choose people but I know that my path is not their path.

Because I can.

I have chosen the obstacles and the distractions and given all of my energy and focus to them. I have freely released the control I desire to a circumstance or situation or moment. I know that it is a choice and that one choice makes a difference.

Because I can.

I have continued to study and to pray and to examine my journey. I know that with determination the answer will be revealed. In that moment, I realize maybe “I can” is the wrong statement.

My journey is not about me. It is about the One that crafted me from the beginning and designed my journey with my uniqueness in mind. I will never do it on my own. I will never make it all happen in my own strength. I am not supposed to do it.

He did it already.

It makes no sense to the world. It will never make sense to the world. That is by design. I have to join Him in His work to begin to see His Way unfold. It is beyond conventional comprehensions – and it is just not normal.

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We were talking in Sunday School about how much we could accomplish if we would realize the strength dwelling in us at this moment. I shared that maybe we would be able to step out in that kind of boldness if we recognized first that it is not us that will do it, and second that HE already did it. All I have to do is step into His design.

Today I choose

Today, I choose.

I choose to walk in the path already cleared for my journey.
I choose to listen to the Designer over the world that was designed.
I choose to believe in His blessings and not in my circumstances.

Because I choose.

Be blessed,


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