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Living Boldly with No What Ifs

The what ifs try to haunt me. The more troubling the storm, the more the what ifs swarm. I have to find a way to block out those tormentors and keep my focus on what can be. The past has a way of creeping up on you – especially if it didn’t go the way you planned. The more you fixate on what you can’t fix, the more you get tangled up in it.

Stop fixating on what you can’t fix. Let it go, and the what ifs will go with it.

You can’t plow backward.
The only way
to get things done
is to plow forward.
– Kathryn Lang


You can’t plow backward. 
The only way 
to get things done 
is to plow forward.
- Kathryn Lang

Doubt Digs Up the What If

The morning started great. Everything went according to plan. Even my morning walk came with a cool morning breeze. Out of nowhere, thoughts started running through my mind about something from a month back. 

I started going through a play-by-play of what I could have said or what I should have done. The more I thought about it, the more what ifs showed up. 

“Stop it,” I yelled at myself. I can do that when I’m walking because I’m the only one in the area, and so nobody notices. “Why are you doing that? You can’t change any of it. You have to plow ahead.”

It was at that moment that I realized forward is the only way to go. I can’t plow backward because none of the equipment will go in that direction. Forward is the only way.

Are you tangled in the what ifs, or are you ready to plow forward? Remember, if you can’t fix it, stop fixating on it.

If you can't fix it, STOP fixating on it.

You have to make the choice to move forward. If you dig around in the what ifs, you’ll get lost. If you focus on what’s behind then you will never make your way forward.

Why doesn’t matter because knowing why won’t change the past. What now is the way to start living boldly with no what ifs.

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