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Losing Weight By Chewing Less – Review of Kiss Dieting Goodbye

Losing weight can be a challenge in a society determined to up-size.

Eat More! That seems to be the motto for everything and everyone in the United States. The buffets encourage you to eat more – they are, after all, all you can eat and you must get your money’s worth.

The restaurants serve portions big enough for a small family. Even the grocery stores are getting in on the act with buy one, get one free specials. You only needed or wanted one, but the second one is free, so why not.

It’s no wonder so many people are going to crazy extremes or unique choices to try and win the battle of the bulge.

I want to be healthy again, and I know that eating less is the way to go. But even the size of my dinner plates (which were wedding gifts) is fighting against me in my effort to eat less.

Recently I found a book that is opening my eyes and guiding my path. Kiss Dieting Goodbye by Elliott Young is pulling together the biblical ideal and the health principles into one sound practice.

The best part of it so far has been her tips to help with portion control. I’m trying to put them into practice. Here are some of hers and some of my own.

10 Tips for Losing Weight

1. Don’t wait until you are starving to eat. It gives you the sense that you have to make up for lost meals.

2. Measure out your portions. Most human beings only need a food serving that is equal to their flattened fist. That’s not a lot of food, folks.

3. Keep in mind that you can always get more. Here in the United States, there is no lack of food. Don’t feel like you have to “store away – a favorite food because there might never be any more available to you.

4. Don’t eat from the container. Putting food on a plate or in a bowl will give you an idea of how much you are eating. It will also give you a stopping point.

5. You can only eat just one. Sometimes just the taste is what you crave. You don’t have to eat the whole candy bar or all the M&Ms or the full bag of chips. Satisfy your craving and save the rest for later.

6. Share your meal. Especially when eating out. Most restaurants offer more than enough for two. This will not only help your portion control, but it will help your budget.

7. Can’t split the meal? Then ask for a To-Go box with the meal. Put half the food away before you even get started.

8. DON’T SKIP MEALS. Keep your energy up and your metabolism running by eating at least three times per day.

9. Avoid the TV. You can’t truly enjoy something that you aren’t focused on. Remember how much better than last meal out tasted? It’s good because you are focused on the experience. Make every meal an experience so that you can savor the food.

10. Use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate. It makes the portions look and feel more filling.

Eating less food doesn’t mean I have to deprive myself, it just means I have to control the portions that I layout. By doing a little planning, taking a little extra time, and making my meals and experience and not just a necessity, I can make portion control a natural way of life and an easier way for losing weight.

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  • Great post!!

    “Don’t feel like you have to “store away” a favorite food because there might never be anymore available to you.” This made me smile because I will make something for a meal sometimes that’s one of our favorites – so much so that we want to eat seconds. Well, I had to get in the habit of asking my son for awhile – “do you want more because you’re hungry or because it tastes good?” Most of the time he wasn’t really hungry. 🙂

    “Share your meal. ” We do this all the time at restaurants. It’s amazing how large the meals are!!

    “Avoid the TV” I haven’t had a problem with this except for a few times and it’s so true – you can eat a whole meal and not even enjoy it or realize what you’ve eaten if your mind is totally occupied on something else!!!

    Those are great tips! Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

  • I find that if you drink alcahol but dont eat 2 hours before and dont eat after i lose loads of weight..but its very un healthy. I also put on weight after quiting smoking. I have started again and lost 3 stone :). Is lung cancer less healthy than heart desease 😀

  • All great suggestions. I would add that something I’ve found helpful is eating fruits or veggies whenever I am hungry for a snack. Fruits, especially fruits like apples, pears, and such have a high fiber content and you will get full LONG before you consume enough calories to ruin your caloric intake for the day. When in the mood for something sweeter I grab a plum, peach, banana or strawberries. Much healthier than cookies, pretzels, etc. and once again hard to overeat.

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