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  • Great post!!

    “Don’t feel like you have to “store away” a favorite food because there might never be anymore available to you.” This made me smile because I will make something for a meal sometimes that’s one of our favorites – so much so that we want to eat seconds. Well, I had to get in the habit of asking my son for awhile – “do you want more because you’re hungry or because it tastes good?” Most of the time he wasn’t really hungry. 🙂

    “Share your meal. ” We do this all the time at restaurants. It’s amazing how large the meals are!!

    “Avoid the TV” I haven’t had a problem with this except for a few times and it’s so true – you can eat a whole meal and not even enjoy it or realize what you’ve eaten if your mind is totally occupied on something else!!!

    Those are great tips! Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

  • I find that if you drink alcahol but dont eat 2 hours before and dont eat after i lose loads of weight..but its very un healthy. I also put on weight after quiting smoking. I have started again and lost 3 stone :). Is lung cancer less healthy than heart desease 😀

  • All great suggestions. I would add that something I’ve found helpful is eating fruits or veggies whenever I am hungry for a snack. Fruits, especially fruits like apples, pears, and such have a high fiber content and you will get full LONG before you consume enough calories to ruin your caloric intake for the day. When in the mood for something sweeter I grab a plum, peach, banana or strawberries. Much healthier than cookies, pretzels, etc. and once again hard to overeat.

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