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Love Life – Four – Purposeful Passion

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The more I look for opportunities to work out my purposeful passion the more I can love my life and I pursue the Why Living that allows me to make the most of all that I am and all that I will be.

Live Out Your Purposeful Passion

    1. I choose work that infuses me with energy and not just stuff that I can do. I understand that there are times when an income has to be made but ALWAYS be on the watch for those opportunities that align with the energy infusing activities along the way.

    2. I pursue opportunities that I enjoy because the first step in loving life is enjoying what I’m doing. I need to find activities and situations that bring me joy.

    3. I need to be looking out for others – because the purposeful passion is ALWAYS about more than just me.

    4. I must be flexible in my pursuit because sometimes I think I know where I am going and it turns out I’m only close to the right direction and I have to make some shifts to do better or to get to where I want to go.

    5. I keep trying. The key to living out a purposeful passion is to be willing to try. Trying NEVER produces failure – it only creates an opportunity to learn and grow – and learning (and growing) is always a good thing.

Purposeful passion is a vital part of Loving Life – and Loving Life is a vital part of Why Living. I have to invest in discovering my purposeful passion and then be bold enough to step out in pursuit of that passion.

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