Make $5000 Writing Online

I’ve been writing online in various aspects for around two years. Many of the sites that I have worked with pay a bare minimum (particularly when you compare them to the print market). With a few strong sales under my belt, I’m becoming more discriminate about what I will take and what I will not. Unless the topic is one I would do for free anyway, I have set my minimum per word pay and I’m not going back.

Just a few jobs a week that pay $50 an article will push you to your $5000 goal every month. And YES those kinds of jobs are out there when you really are willing to look for them.

1. Use keyword searches to find “top paying freelance writing jobs.” Avoid those sites that take a percentage of any jobs and avoid the ones that you have to pay to join. There are plenty of sites out there that have lists of well paying freelance writing jobs.

a. You just may have to spend a day specifically looking for new markets and new jobs.
b. Book mark the top sites that you find or subscribe to any newsletters that they send out to make your search easier in the future.

2. Be bold, be brave and be tough. Be bold and ask for the job. When you are at a website or forum that you like then you should ask for a chance to write and article for that site. Be brave enough to ask for what you think is fare and reasonable pay (about half of what you would expect from a print source). Be tough enough to take what ever answer is dished out.

a. Remember that no just means you have another chance to perfect your pitch elsewhere.
b. You can make the big dollars if you don’t ask for the big dollars.

3. Work on your skills. It is important that you perfect your writing, but it is just as important that you perfect your approach and your query. You can take a class or course on queries or you can work with other writers in a group or even online. Great queries are a sign of a professional writer.

a. Watch your grammar.
b. Check (and recheck) the spelling of the editor’s name and the website you are pitching.

4. Work at writing every single day. Do a little of every genre that you desire to work in. Set a goal of 1000 or 2500 words each day in each field and then set aside time to get that done. The more you do what you want to do then the better you will become and the easier it will be to reach your for your dreams.

Each month I set a new goal for my income target. I will continue to push myself more until I reach the level that I desire and then I will probably just begin pushing in another direction. Success requires action and I am determined to be a successful writer starting today.
With persistence and daring, YOU can make $5000 each month writing online. Hone your writing skills, look for the right jobs and the produce a product that is worthy to be called your own. You will soon find that the $50 (and even higher) jobs will begin to start looking for you.

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