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Make a Way or Accept the Excuse from Quote of the Day for July 24

Quote of the Day

Circumstances are real – but there is always an excuse and there is always a way.

Quote of the Day - excuse or way

Thought of the Day

Excuse or Way

There is always an excuse but there is also always a way. Right in the middle of the circumstances of life, you have a choice.

Either choice will require sacrifice – of time, or resources, or of opportunities.
Either choice will move you – either towards your possibilities or away from them.
Either choice will build up momentum – momentum to go or momentum to stop.

The choice is yours.

Will you choose the excuse or will you choose a way?

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Look at what is in your way. Write down ten ways you could get through, over, or around it.
Now go!

Challenge to find your way

Scripture of the Day

“Your hands have made and established me.” – from Psalm 119:73

Scripture Focus from Psalm 119:73

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