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Make Big Changes A Little Bit At A Time

Make big changes to live your best life. All you need is a little bit – to make a big mess or to create a big change. When you make the choices to intentionally invest in the little bits that grow you into more, then you will begin to see big changes manifest in your life.

You create big change
by investing in a little bit.
– Kathryn Lang


You create big change 
by investing in a little bit.
- Kathryn Lang

A Little Bit of Perfection

Perfection is something I have not quite mastered, although I’m not about to admit it. I wake up each morning sure of my perfection, only to be slapped by the reality that I can’t do it all, especially when I won’t. My want gets tangled in my won’t, and I end up face-planted in the remnants of my goals for the day.

There will be plenty of excuses to stop my momentum and take a break – and I find a way to use them all.

There will be just as many excuses not to get up and get started again – and I find a way to utilize them all.

It will be easier to blame my husband for not doing his part, my children for being too rowdy, or the weather for not falling into my requirements – and trust me, I find a way to milk them all (and sprinkle in a few extra on those days when more seems better).

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There is hope for my perfection. Each day, I do start with a fresh start. My miss-steps from yesterday are gone forever, and any remnants are held securely in place by my own mind.

Today . . . the chance is new, the slate is clean, and the possibilities are endless. If I let these words of hope guide me to choose to do what I know to do instead of clinging to the excuses. If I lean into the little bits, I can start stacking up those little bits until I make big changes for my journey.

Today . . . The chance is new, the slate is clean, and the possibilities are endless.

How Can You Choose to Make Big Changes

My husband and I volunteered to run an errand for the church that required nine hours on the road and almost 600 miles – one way. We also planned to take our small sons along for the journey. I spent some time breaking the trip down into smaller trips so stops and activities were sprinkled throughout the drive.

It made the drive easier because the boys and the hubby burned up some energy. It also made the trip more enjoyable because we did more than just drive there and drive back.

It was easier to do because I broke the trip into little bits. 

When we want to make big changes for our journey, we will make it easier and more enjoyable when we break it down into little bits.

  • What are 10 steps required to get there?
  • Where can I find 5 to 10 minutes in my day?
  • What can I do to tackle one (or part of one) of those steps in 5 to 10 minutes?
  • When do I work the best, and how can I take advantage of that time?
  • What can I do WHILE I’m not doing anything (watching streaming shows, reality TV, or sports)?

Find a way to harness your little bits and then stack them up to grow your big changes.

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