Make Rocket Science Easy

“I hate math.” My son was struggling to finish his school work for the day. The argument started about the time formulas showed up in the workbook. He follows his mother in the journey of my way.

“You love math. You just need to pay attention and follow the formula.”

“I want to do it my way.”

“There is a reason for the formula. You may not understand it now, but it will become clear as you move farther along.”

That conversation came back to haunt my mind during the worship service. The pastor was gearing up to preach on the theme, “It is not Rocket Science.” I leaned over to my husband and made the statement that rocket science is not hard if you learn the formulas and follow them.

“But you like to do it ‘my way’.” I heard the words in my heart and remembered the struggle of my son and how important it was to help him understand in the easier parts of life so that he can translate that knowledge to the things we make more complicated.

It is simple. The directions for life were spelled out in Deuteronomy. Even the results were laid out to understand. Choose A and you will be blessed. Choose B and you will NOT be blessed.

Deuteronomy 11: 22-23, 25(KJV)

22For if ye shall diligently keep all these commandments which I command you, to do them, to love the LORD your God, to walk in all his ways, and to cleave unto him; 23Then will the LORD drive out all these nations from before you, and ye shall possess greater nations and mightier than yourselves. 25There shall no man be able to stand before you: for the LORD your God shall lay the fear of you and the dread of you upon all the land that ye shall tread upon, as he hath said unto you.

I know the formula for this walk that I am on. I understand the details, and yet I still find myself determined to do it my way.

It is simple, but it is not always so easy.

My physical body gets used to doing things a certain way and it takes time, energy and effort to turn things around. Patience may be a virtue, but it does not come easy when swim suit season is lurking, or that reunion is closing in.

The world bombards my mind with a thought pattern that derails that simple path. It takes sacrifice, focus and consistency to change the thinking process that will begin to lead to a new walk. Change may be required, but it does not always come easy with the force of the natural coming against it.

Knowing the formula does not get me there. I have to choose to put the formulas into play to get to the destination.

Are you doing what you know?

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