Make It Work Moment – Day Three

Day three was a challenge in and of itself. Although I had a great plan for upcoming meals, I still had a refrigerator full of leftovers and I wasn’t about to let them go to waste.

So meal time couldn’t be my make it work moment.

Believe me, there are no limit of make it work opportunities if I just take a moment and look around the house – and today’s make it work moment involved my 10 year old.

Several months back, I confiscated my oldest son’s bedroom (since he and his other brother spent all their time together anyway) and created an office/electronics room. Which means not only does it hold my computer, recording equipment, AND records, but it also is home to all of the electronic games, school books, and school computer.

This freed up a lot of room around the house, but things can get a might crowded when everyone has a desire to use the room at the same time.

My 10 year old returned from home ready to take on whatever task was awaiting him on his video game. I was in the process of crafting and recording radio spots. We had to negotiate – which is to say that I had to finish up what I was doing and take my gig on the road.

I have put together a handy “go bag” for just such occasions. It includes a clip board filled with loose leaf paper, pencils, and I add in my Focus Folder. This allows me to write anywhere.

I knew that I needed to do more intensive work as well, so I also set up a space where I could work on my laptop. The pasta press that disappointed me so much last week had one redeeming component. It had some sort of pasta sheet that works PERFECTLY as a laptop stand to help my computer fan do its job.

So, not only did I take my work on the road so my son could have his game time but I found a great cooling stand in the process.

How are you doing with your make it work journey?

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