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The last days of this year are ticking down, and the excitement for the New Year has already started building for me. My business plan for developing my writing career has kicked off in spades, with several eBooks already hitting the internet!

The newsletters and giveaways on my blogs have helped to increase the subscribers. Connecting to new people through forums and chats has allowed me to meet people around the world. Writing for other websites has introduced me to a wide range of new readers. Each of these steps strengthens and expands my platform.

My struggle happens when it comes to real, in the flesh and bone, meetings. Living in our little cabin in the woods, along with the struggles and issues we have faced these last few years, has hindered my ability to attend meetings and conferences.

Putting together the last Successful Freelance Writer newsletter inspired me to make a point to connect. Just like I have to schedule my writing, I have to choose to schedule my interactions with other writers, readers, editors and publishers. Each connection that I make will help me continue to grow that ever important platform.

Steps to Connect

    1. Attend one local event each week. As a local columnist, I need to be getting my face out in the public. There are a number of breakfasts, ceremonies and meetings held each month. All I need to do is make a point to step out at least once a month to connect with people in the community. It would also be wise to have some new business cards printed up that include a photo so that people will begin to associate the name and the face together.

    2. Attend one writing event each month. Although it would be possible to go to writing conferences just about week of the year, the funding and time for that kind of travel has not yet arrived. These writing events need to be more local and more focused – like a writer’s circle or even a community education class. The KEY is that the event MUST BE in person and not online.

    3. Attend one conference or convention each quarter. Money has been extra tight in our home these past few years. I have used that as an excuse NOT to attend. The truth of writing is that without the connections the career stumbles. Setting aside funds to support attendance must become a priority. It only takes a few dollars a week to accumulate the funds to attend some conferences. By starting now, I will be prepared to handle the cost of attending four conferences next year.

    4. Contact local libraries, community colleges, and community centers. I can offer up my services as a guest speaker or even teach a seminar or class about freelance writing. I will continue to make connections, grow my platform and maybe make a few extra dollars for the effort.

The only way to change things is to change things. I have to mix it up and push a little harder to reach the freelance writing success that I desire.

Share the ideas you have for making connections with writers, readers and others in the writing industry that will help push your writing career to the next level for the New Year.

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