Make YOUR Plan for World Domination

World domination comes when you create a plan for your unique design, walk out that plan, and live your life boldly with peace and joy.

It should be simple, right. After all, it’s you. Your plan. Your heartseed. Your walk.

But the world gets in the way. Sometimes we get in the way. Always there is a reason, an excuse, a roadblock, or a detour that works to hold us up.

You over come excuses when you stop!

No matter what tries to get in the way, you need a plan to get started.

Tips for World Domination

It may not be easy, but it is simple. I have to choose and then I have to act on that choice. What could be simpler than that?

But I don’t.

Instead, I sit down to relax for a moment and then look up to discover I wasted the day. I would like to blame the demon spawn “Netflix” for conveniently starting another show, but I was the one that turned it on in the first place. I would like to blame the deceitfully cold weather that makes me think it is warm enough to accomplish something but it is only pretending. The truth is that the same weather shows up about this time every year.

There are a lot of things that I want to blame, but I am responsible – for where I am and for where I am going. The only way to create change in my life happens when I change my choices and act on those new or different choices.

It starts with a #WhiteBoardofWorldDomination.

I put together my White Board of World Domination so that I could see daily the path that would lead me to dominate my world. I needed the constant reminder of the steps I needed to take and the choices I needed to make to lead me to my desired success.

World Domination Points

1. Determine the destination – I refer to this as my BIG DREAM. Keep in mind a BIG DREAM needs to be a little bit impossible and a little bit scary. Otherwise, it will never push you outside your comfort zone, and you have to move to live in your world domination.

2. Choose a focus word – what one action verb or adjective that describes your expectations for the months ahead.

3. Create a vision statement or statements – the why of what you are doing.

4. Write out a list of parts to the BIG DREAM– mini-goals are objectives that will take daily or regular action

5. Focus on the four segments or parts of your balance – mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional when setting out your goals and objectives

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The White Board of World Domination is great and helps direct my focus, but it is not the answer. I am still the answer. It will require putting into action the steps set out on the whiteboard to make the BIG DREAM a reality.

Getting to my place of success and reaching out past this moment into the possibilities of my dreams will require that I get up, that I move, that I take action.

Sitting will not make it possible.
Sitting will not make it a reality.
Sitting will not make it happen.

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My White Board of World Domination provides a reminder – not the answer.
I am challenged to stop making up excuses – or at least to stop resting on the excuses around me. There will always be a reason for me not to step out and do what I know I can do or what I know I need to do.

And I need to start doing. The only way I will ever get there is if I get going.

I know it – and having regular reminders helps me move past the knowing point into the action point.

Or it helps me take that next step when I have slowed down.

Or it helps me get going again when I have taken a time out or I have bowed out for the moment.

Because my White Board of World Domination is not about what I did yesterday or the successes I had yesterday or the accomplishments I had yesterday – it is always about right now. If I want to dominate my world – if I want to reach my purpose and my potential – if I truly want to become all that I am designed to be then I have to keep stepping and keep moving and keep pushing forward.

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