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Making a Change to Stand Out

An email showed up in my box the other day that has pushed me out of the complacency I found myself in after being sick (thanks Helen). It shocked me how quickly I had fallen out of my consistency back into acceptable. Even more shocking is the thought that will out Momma blazing the trail the rest of the family is comfortable in complacency.

I thought about the kind of person that I had been even though I had not been feeling at my peak. The email came on 9/12 but it is one that I should be asking myself on a regular basis.

What five things did you do last week that make you stand out as a Christian?

Here are my five from last week:

    1. I spent time praying.

    2. I sent out cards to those people that have been on my heart or in my thoughts.

    3. I expressed love and support to my husband – even in public. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    4. I reached out to help someone I barely knew with out expectation of return.

    5. I loved my neighbors โ€“ even the ones that are trying to be unlovable.

I hope that those things express to others that I am a Christian with a heart devoted to God! What five things did you do last week to make you stand out as a Christian? What is one thing different that you can do this week that can shine a light into this darkened world?

Who knows, if each of us does just one thing each day to make the Christian light shine then we could start a movement that would rock this country and this world to its very core.

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