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Making a Freelance Writing Schedule that Works

Freelance writing schedules can be hard to balance. Working from home in any field means that you are open to more distractions. It is easier to put off that project for work if you have another task calling out your name. Finding a schedule that works for you where you are may mean trying different scheduling techniques, combining techniques and even switching techniques (yes, change is allowed).

Different Freelance Writing Schedule Techniques

    1. Use an online tool. You could put all of your deadlines into an online calendar that will alert you when the date is closing in.

    2. Use a date book. You can put all of your deadlines into a calendar that you carry around with you so that you are sure to schedule field trips, school outings and other obligations around major due dates.

    3. Develop a filing system. Set up file folders for each new project and have them set up so that you see them by due date.

    4. Write out a to do list. Each morning create a to do list of work that needs to be done and any deadlines that need to be met.

    5. Get a white board. Post different projects in different colors, keep a running list of all projects and due dates and the progress being made towards the completion of each project or just use the board to keep a rotating to-do list.

All of these different freelance writing schedule techniques have been used by me at one time or another. Right now I use a combination of the file folders and the white board and so far it has been the best for me – at least at this moment in time.

Creating a freelance writing schedule that works for you where you are in your career and your life will help you reach your freelance writing goals.

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    1. Hey Rachel – I’m wondering how I survived all these years without one. It’s just so easy to keep up with what, when and where. I GUESS you could do it electronically but I like the hands on of the white board.

  1. I grabbed a $2.00 desktop calendar at a discount store, you know those giant calendars where you tear off the month once it’s passed? That, coupled with Outlook, seems to keep me on schedule. Outlook reminds me when something is coming due and the big calendar helps me plan my week/month because I can see everything at a glance.

    Thanks for your post! That’s one of the biggest struggles when you’re just starting out!

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