Migraines, Children and Finding a My Way

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Today it hit me – one of those migraine headaches that leaves me wishing I could pop my head off completely. It got so bad at one point that I was dreaming about having a bad migraine. I contemplated all the different ways I might make it stop, but realized that being still and quiet would provide the best results.

The day slipped past and I accomplished nothing. The remnants of that nasty migraine hung around and offered me the great excuse to continue my streak of nothingness. “Just go on to sleep.”

The offer was enticing. It would be nice to get to sleep early the offer was also deceitful. I have three boys – including a seven-year-old. I am also an extremely light sleeper. Early bedtime only occurs if I am going to be alone, which was not the case.

I thought back on what I shared yesterday over at Proverbs 31 Life. Sometimes it not easy doing what I know I need to do, but that will determine the difference between reaching my destination and stalling out along the way.

Yes – I do believe there is a time to rest and a time to push forward. I spent all day resting up and healing up. Now I was in a position where I had to be up anyway so I might as well put that energy to good use.

Yes – I do believe that sometimes you just have to let things go. I had several phone calls that I needed to make and a fax I was supposed to send. It did not happen and I did not try to force it to happen. They can wait when they have to wait.

Yes – I do believe that my health has to come first. If I am not well then I will struggle with everything I try to accomplish. I have to learn to judge the difference between needing the time out and wanting and excuse to get out of it.

I have to do it because I know that I can, I know that I should, and I know that if I put it off until another day I will have broken my pattern of consistency (and that will do more harm to my journey than just not writing ever could).

Finding My Balance

    – Define what is really important. A friend of mine wrote an article over at AL.com today about non-traditional marriage. Edward reminded me that I have to define what is right in my journey or else the world will define right for me and then I give the world the power over my journey. If I define my goals, my purpose and my path then I will be able to choose the important things.

    – Do what you can today. The more I put things off the more I will struggle to get things done when something comes up. Stepping up and doing it now will keep it from crowding my to-do list and that will make it easier for me to rest when it is necessary.

    – Listen to your body. I felt this migraine coming on for two days, but I tried to ignore it. A change in diet or more rest might have reduced the migraine or overcome it completely. I pushed and pushed and I paid for not listening. Learn how your body works. Learn the signs it offers. And then listen to what they say and do something about that information.

It will not always go as planned. It seems that the more I plan the more there is to go wrong. Knowing my path and my direction helps me to be okay with the unexpected and even give me the steps and the consistency that will allow me to deal with that unexpected.

Be blessed,


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