Mommy Wars

Mommy wars might seem like a bad name for an even worse TV show, but they are real-life and fight for life situations most mothers (and parents in general) face today.

Each day, moms around the world try to avoid or just survive the attacks of life. It wears down the woman of the house. She is tired and a tired woman can be a dangerous thing to have for the safety of everyone within screaming (or reaching) range.


Surviving the Mommy Wars

  • Set up a lookout. The attacks are going to come and the best way to deal with them is to spot them before they arrive. Learn to know your trouble spots and to set up a defense for those moments. Financial problems are my weak spot – I know that – and I am weakest about the same time every month ;). I know that I should not try to deal with anything financial during that particular moment.
  • Set up a plan. There are some things that I can pass off to others when I feel the attack looming. I can send the hubby off with the kids to give me a little quiet time. I can get my parents to cook dinner before church so that I have some extra time in my day. I can send the kids outside to play before I snap.
  • Prepare for a delay. Not all of the attacks can be passed off. There may be those situations that only I can deal with myself – a writing client, a query or submission, and others. Having a way to postponing my response to the attack can give me time to refortify my heart and mind so that I can overcome the attack.
  • Take a time out. The good news is that my life is under my time and sometimes that time is a simple break. Taking a hot bath, going for a walk, or taking a nap may not get anything substantial done but it may give me the strength to go on. It is always more important to have peace than it is to have accomplished things.

Just when you think you’ve got it all together, somebody goes and moves the middle. You have to start over or at least start again. The more you have developed and practice your plan for peace and balance, the more prepared you will be when the attacks occur.

The world is out to get you. The sooner you prepare for that attack the easier it will be to handle, to survive, and even to thrive despite what comes against you. The right battle plan will lead you boldly through the mommy wars.

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