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Breaking the Money Control on Life

I need to break the money control on my life. No matter how much money I put in my account, there never seems to be any money in my account.

I think there is a hole in my bank account. Every month my job says the check goes to the bank. The bank statement even shows the deposit. But the balance sure doesn’t reflect the concept that I am earning anything.

I’d like to say it’s just “the man” keeping me down. In reality, it’s the little splurges on fast food, sodas when I gas up, or a new blouse that is keeping the balance down. There is no one to blame for this mess but me.

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When the reality finally set in – that I was spending more than I earned – I decided it was time to do something about it. I tried the “save a penny” routine where I put all my change in a jar. Instead of saving, I ended up rolling it and cashing it in to pay a bill here and there. I tried going the “cash only” route, but if my tab happened to “runneth over” I used the debit card. Now I had the purchase and the cash withdrawal to dent my account.

I was missing the magic beans. Fortunately for me, I found them before the creditors came to repossess the kids.

It turns out that if you are going to break the money control in your life you have to make a plan for getting control of the spending.

There are two things you have to have to make ends meet (after a job that is). There must be discipline and diligence in keeping up with the finances. I lacked both. As soon as I put a realistic budget on paper AND I actually stuck with it, my finances took a swing towards the black.

10 Ways to Break the Money Control

1. Cook instead of eating out. Use the slow cooker so that you have a meal ready at the end of the day.

2. Pack lunches and snacks for work or school. Saving just $3 a day will give you well over $500 at the end of the school year.

3. Freeze food. When I find a buy on meat, I bring it home and package it immediately into individual freezer bags. Some fresh fruits and vegetables are also great choices for the freezer treatment – onions, celery, carrots, and mushrooms can all be chopped and frozen for convenient use later. Blueberries, blackberries, and even strawberries are all good for freezing. Frozen food will last longer than fresh and you are less likely to end up just throwing it away.

4. Keep a list of what you have in your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. This keeps you from over-buying at the store, but also reminds you to use the items you already have in stock.

5. Combine errands. The less driving you do, the less gas you use. If you have to take the kids to ball practice, then go to the store while they are there. Swing back by the field on your way home – two birds with one stone, so to speak.

6. Turn up the air or turn down the heat. Just two degrees can save you lots on your electric bill.

7. Give up some of the luxuries. Do you NEED a pedicure or manicure? Do you NEED the gourmet coffee? Do you NEED the brand new car (or boat, or four-wheeler)?

8. If you must have clothes (for work specifically or maybe some special need) then consider waiting for sales or shopping at a thrift store. This is especially great for kids’ clothes since they seem to grow out of the new pants before you can get them home from the store.

Finding a balance in my checking account required balancing my life. It wasn’t easy to cut back on the treats, to cook instead of eating out, or to wear the same sweater for a second season. The little that I saved here and there slowly began to pay off. I’d like to say that all the debt is gone and accounts are busting at the seams, but at least they do have a positive balance. Either way, I’m back in control and breaking the money control for my family.

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  • Great post! We seem to go through ups and downs where we do well with money and then do poorly. We’re not doing so well right now and it’s starting to stress us out. Number one on your list – eating out – is one of our problems. We don’t eat expensively but we do pick up fast food more than we should because we get busy doing things or whatever and it’s just easier. I do better when I have a good menu to stick to and I know early in the day what I’m making for dinner that night. You’ve got some great advice here!! Hopefully we can get ourselves back in control soon too! 🙂