More Tips for a Saving Holiday

Our hundred dollar holiday is working out okay. We went beyond just one hundred dollars, but I knew that with groceries it probably would. Still, we will make it in under $300 for everything this year.

Wow! I still feel like I’m not giving enough, even though each child has a nice gift and some things for their stockings. I LOVE to give presents, and I feel like I’m getting gypped as much as anyone. Still, I can’t help but wonder if there will be disappointment on the faces come Christmas morning (even if we did all agree this was the route to go). It’s just guilt trying to make me spend more and I’m not falling for it.

Instead of focusing on what they won’t be getting, I’m going to expand what they will be getting. Everyone will get a certificate for one full day of “your choice” (to be cashed in on your next birthday). The certificate allows them to decide what we eat (or where) and what we do for the whole day.

Since business cards are becoming the rage in this communication focused world, I think I’ll make a batch for everyone. The kids can give them to their friends so they can set up a play day and the hubby will have something to give out when he runs into business opportunities.

How about a coupon book? The kids could have things like “cereal for dinner night” or “get out of school for the day.” Hubby could have things like “boys night out – no questions asked” or “free day.”

Okay, now I’m starting to get a little more excited about this hundred dollar holiday.

I do most of the decorations. What if I hide special gifts in the decorations? Maybe I’ll hide some $ or certificate for a shopping spree (at the dollar store of course). Then I could leave a hint each morning on the breakfast table or in the school work.

There are bound to be hundreds of ways to celebrate the holidays without breaking the bank. The more we do this as a family then the easier it is going to get. The more creative ways I find to fill the stockings and share the giving spirit, the better I’m going to feel. It may take more time, but I think this is going to be the beginning of a Christmas tradition that will carry through the generations.

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