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Motivating my Writing

Getting a kick in the pants is usually what it takes to get me going again when I slow down. This morning the kick came – over and over and over. It just seemed that every word I read (from my prayer book for my children to the devotionals that I receive online to the blogs that I read regularly) all had something to say directly about the fact that I wasn’t doing things the way I knew (or wanted) to do them.

    – My success allows me to bless others and when I am not following through to that success then I am stealing those blessing from the people around me. It is time that I stop stealing and get back to work.

    – Missing deadlines is a sign of non-professionalism but it is also a weakness that keeps me from expanding my opportunities or doing my best work. I need to look over my schedule and make time to BEAT the deadlines that I have committed to doing.

    – Organization is the key to getting things done on time and correctly. All of my files need to be cleaned up and rearranged so that I can find what I need without a struggle. It would also be nice to see my desk again.

    – Direction is important for any journey. I’ve been working on my direction for the last couple of weeks but I need to pound out the specifics so I can get going down the right path. It is time to set my goals and objectives for the upcoming weeks, months and years.

    – Plan for the lag. Even as a freelance writer it is important that I take off time COMPLETELY to recharge and refocus my life without guilt. I have to plan some vacation time so that my mind can rest and my muse can start dancing again.

Back in my youth, I had a small sailboat that I would take out in the lake. It was amazing to be out there alone just zipping along. But there were times where I would rest in the ride and find myself without wind. It’s not that the wind was gone but that I had allowed the boat to drift out of the wind. A quick turn of the sail was all that was needed to get me moving again.

Today I am beginning the process of adjusting my sails. The things that I have been doing over this last year have helped me turn my hobby into a career and now I am ready to sail out into deeper waters. The key is to use what I have and what I know to keep me moving in the direction that will fill my sails with all the wind I need to fly.

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