Move Passion to Purpose

Start now to move your passion to purpose. A recent report said that poor people worked for a living while the rich pursued their passions. I have said that if you discover your passion and pursue it with boldness then you will never work a day in your life. Both statements are saying the same thing in different ways.

A person working for a paycheck struggles to see beyond the numbers. That person labors, and the labor is all that he knows.

A person doing what he loves will look forward to the experience. That person pursues his joy and enjoys all that he pursues.

The conflict for many people comes when the desire to pursue passion collides with the need for a paycheck. How do you break through the impasse?

    1. Get on a budget. A man in debt will be a slave to the lender. Your choices will be limited by your obligations. Take time to review all of your spending and to list all of your income. Work out a way to bring the income up above the outflow.

    2. Thin out the stuff – release things from your possessions, from your schedules, and from our life. Look at the stuff around your house – do you love it and do you have a place for it? Maybe it is time to pass it on to someone else or maybe to sell it for some additional income to help out with the budget. Look at your schedule – are you doing things that are not things that you love or enjoy? Maybe it is time to let another take the lead. Until you make room there will not be space for the blessings to thrive.

    3. Uncover your passion – you are uniquely designed on purpose for a purpose. Your passion will reflect into this purpose. Look at your gifts, talents, abilities, and interests and then find a common thread among those lists.

    4.See the possibilities – make a list of all the avenues your passion can follow. Keep your purpose focused and let all of your passionate pursuit be dictated by that purpose.

Passion – the thing you do for the blessing of others that stirs your heart to joy. It is more than a job. It is more than a paycheck. It is the very substance of life. Unlock that passion and then begin to pursue that passion with boldness.

Be blessed,


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