Moving Past Selfishness to Healing

There may be nothing on this earth more motivating for change than seeing a picture taken from the rear view. I caught a glimpse in a photo of what others are looking at when I walk past and it made me cringe. It also made me wonder if I might need to take my husband to get his eyes checked.

It was BAD.

But at the same time, it was good.

I saw reality for the first time in years. I recognized that my excuses are not getting me to the place that I want to go. I accepted that I do have to change to get there – it is hard to deny it when you see it with your own two eyes. Admitting there is a problem is the first step towards healing for anything.

I want to be more than I am – and that means becoming less than I am. Getting there requires I give up selfishness and selfishness is the reason my rear view has become a wide load – and it is not going to give up its new position without a fight.

Breaking Free from the Selfishness

    1. I will choose to eat with my family – eating alone encourages selfishness.

    2. I will choose to eat at the table – connecting meal times and eating with sitting around the table will help me break the cycle of having to have food when the television turns on.

    3. I will choose to eat only when there is a physical hunger – which means some meals I may sit at the table sipping a drink, and just basking in the joy of the company of my family.

    4. I will choose to fill my “cravings” with conversation – if I take a moment to talk with God then I can find the right way to fill those cravings.

    5. I will choose to stay natural as much as possible – fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and homemade items can help me make the most of each meal (for nutritional value and for taste).

It all comes down to my choice. I can choose to make positive moves that will begin to replace the selfish habits. I can choose to recognize that where I am right now is directly related to what I have done. I can choose to admit that my situation comes back to bite me. Each choice has consequences. To overcome selfishness, I have to choose those steps that will bring me to my healing.

Be blessed,


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