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My Secrets for Writing – the Writing Process Blog Tour

I enjoy the opportunity to get to know new blogs and new writers – and what could be better than having the two combined?

Natalie Cone nominated me to be part of the Writing Process Blog Tour – and she was also kind enough to give the SELTI.org short story contest a plug. I met Natalie through the 2013 SELTI short story contest and was immediately impressed with her heart, her attitude and her talents. So, I said yes to her request. Natalie shares her own writing process on her blog.

The Writing Process Blog Tour is apparently a large chain of writers sharing information about their writing journey. To keep the inspiration moving, each nominee gets to nominate other blogger/writers.

My Writing Process Blog Tour Nominees Are . . .

I nominated Stephen P. Dorning – partly because he did not say no, partly because he made me a bearded dwarf in his last book, but mostly because I am amazed at the way his mind works (and I really do mean that in a good way). He blogs over at The Heavy Metal Cowboy and I look forward to learning more about his writing process.

(Edit May 26, 2014: Stephen graciously invested his limited time to take up the challenge of the four questions. I am always amazed by him – and most of the time in good ways. I love that he describes himself as an instigator of creative concepts because he does have a way of getting the imagination flowing. I was also inspired by his reason behind his writing and challenged to do and be more in my own writing.)

The second writer that I nominated is new to me. I met her over at our Nano Word Warriors Facebook page, but as soon as I saw Caroline Keeth’s wonderful header and picture on her blog, I knew I had to learn more. She blogs over at Three Little Bluebirds.

(Edit May 26, 2014: Caroline posted her own Writing Process Blog Tour post, and I was thrilled at the results – and definitely intrigued by what she is offering in her first book! Her reasons for writing touched my heart. And her process for writing struck a cord and I think every writer can benefit from the tip: “I think for any writer the best tool is an open-minded brain storming partner.” I am excited to see more from her.)

The third writer that I nominated is a bright spot in my writing life. I met Bethany Jean through the ChristianWriters.com group. Her encouragement and love have made many of my days much brighter. I know that she will have some great words of wisdom for the writing journey. Bethany blogs over at My Savior My King.

The Writing Process Blog Tour Questions

    1. What am I working on?
    I multi-task in all that I do, so that holds true in my writing as well. I am currently doing the third edit of my 2013 NANO – The Chosen (which turns out to be a prequel to my Big Spring Novels and gives a little more insight into the troubles of Beth’s past). I am also working on my next non-fiction, Growing INCourage – from the book, Practical Proverbs – a more indepth look at encouragement, being an encourager and living INcouraged. Besides the books, I am also writing the first four installments of my new radio show that will be broadcast over at Alive in Christ radio as well as my weekly show over at the BlogTalk radio CWA station. Oh, and my weekly newspaper column, blog posts and freelance work. I find that doing different tasks helps to keep my writing fresher in each individual project.

    2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
    Whew . . . I think I have a little more sarcastic humor in my books than most mystery/suspense that I read. I like to say that it is a little Psych and Castle with a twist of NCIS bound up with Hope. Even in my non-fiction, there is sarcastic humor involved because sarcastic humor (or I often call it snark) is a natural part of my own life and it bleeds over into my writing.

    3. Why do I write what I do?
    I guess I should have known that four questions from writers would not be easy questions. I write the fiction stories because I need some place for all those voices to go and live. I write the non-fiction because I want to share the hope, encouragement and inspiration that I have found through my life. Basically, I believe in my heart that I have something worth sharing and so I step out and share.

    4. How does my writing process work?
    Surprisingly, this is the easiest for me to answer. I write. It is no more complicated than that. I write “letters” to my best friend and then bundle them up into chapters and the chapters into books. Sometimes, I even know where I am going with the writing before I begin. Most of the time, I just write until I have nothing left to say.

And that is a little about me and my writing process. Thank you to Natalie for inviting me into this blog tour. I hope you will take some time to visit her blog and also to visit the blogs of each of the nominees I shared.

Remember, it is all about relationships after all!

Be blessed,


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