New Thanksgiving Tradition

Either I have completely lost my mind, or I have grown in ways even I didn’t know.  My ten year old son and my eight year old son are cooking Thanksgiving Dinner (with some assistance from mom).

The Plan

Each of the boys will be responsible for two side dishes and one dessert – not only the cooking, but finding the recipe and purchasing the ingredients.  They will work together to roast the turkey – learning all about basting, seasoning, and temperatures.  It will be their responsibility to decorate and set the table – and it will require lots of creativity and art work because I’m not buying anything.

In the Beginning 

This morning we sat down and planned out the menu.  Each son took a turn and then checked the pantry and freezer for ingredients.  We made a list of grocery needs and are heading off to comparison shop for all our needs.

In the Future

If I can keep their interest, then everything will be okay.  I’ll use the next couple of days to put together casseroles and then do the actual cooking on Thursday.  The less I can do on that day, the more likely I will be sane at the end of this experiment.

Signs of Success

No matter how the food turns out, I know this experience will be one my boys will remember for the rest of their lives.  True success will mean that they take over the cooking AND wash the dishes, but I’m not yet holding my breath for that one.

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