Not Working for a Living

“That was like work.” I had used the same phrase for the second time in almost as many days.

My first encounter with the phrase happened when I had a photo shoot with Jeff White out of Huntsville, Alabama. He walked me through the process and had me laughing most of the time. It was fun, but after the last shot was taken and we had loaded up to go home, I was exhausted.

Lean in. Turn your body. Turn your knees the other way. Drop your shoulder. Smile. Don’t smile. Tilt your head.

I have heard many people say they would love to be a model. After those two hours that felt like two days, I determined that most of those people want the benefits of being a model. They focus on the glamour of it all and that is as far as the thoughts go. Being photographed is not as simple as sitting in front of a camera. It is work.

The second time I encountered the phrase was after a taping session with Tony Marino of Trinity Web Works. We were working on a video with a voiceover, which was the reason for the taping session.

Not working for a living with Kathryn Lang

I have given live talks that were recorded, but I have never been recorded for future broadcast complete with cuts and restarts. It was simply flame on or flame out. Not like this. The twenty minutes that it took to tape what would likely be only a few seconds stretched into hours in my mind.

You sound bored. Try it again with more smile. You tripped over that one and you knew it. Your mike crinkled. I hear you breathing. Twist your microphone. Give more of that Southern hospitality.

I have heard many people say that they want to be a star. They want to do movies or be a singer. After that first session with the recording process (and I know it was a minor experience), I determined that many of the people want the benefits that come with being a star. They know little of the time, effort, practice, talent and fortitude invested in the journey. Being a star is more than just reading a script or singing a song. It is work.

The more I thought over this phrase the more I realized I used it a lot. I remember saying it after finishing the edit process of my first book (and all my other books for that matter). I said it after working on a website for two days. I said it after leading a women’s conference for the weekend.

It seems that most things worth doing require an investment from me – and some might even call it work.

I also discovered that when it is something I love – like being a part of the conference or teaching a class about pursuing purpose – I may be exhausted in the end, but I am satisfied. I am also ready, willing and eager to do it again.

You will have to work at whatever you do – if you want to do anything worth doing in the first place. The difference between those that only work and those that live in purpose and on purpose lies in discovering the passion of your heart.

Find what you love. Do what you love. You will never work a day in your life.

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