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One Bite

One bite to lose it all. One bite to gain it. One bite to get you there. One bite remaining.

It only takes one bite – either way – and you can only get there one bite at a time.

Losing weight is as simple as focusing on what’s right in front of you. It’s just not all that easy for me. I WANT to eat the rest of the country fried stead (or pizza or chocolate or pie). I don’t need it. I’m not even hungry any more. But I WANT it.

one bite

Today I prayed something that I haven’t even imagined doing until now. “God, I want to be thin and healthy again.” My weight has been an issue most of my life, but only very slightly. In college, things finally seemed to shift where they were supposed to be. Then I got married and started having kids, and the weight was back – with a vengeance.

I’ve been doing everything the world says you are need to do to lose weight: eat several small meals, eat high protein, restrict caffeine, do aerobic exercise, do muscle building exercise, cut your food in half, drink lots of water. The weight was not going anywhere.

This morning, it changed. Not only did I recognize my need for the Father with this addiction, but I realized that what I had been doing was placing God below food in importance in my life. My disobedience has been hindering my walk and affecting everyone around me.

I’ve said it a hundred times, but today I began to KNOW it. Knowledge is the key to unlocking the blessings God has for my life. With this knowledge, food will not have control any longer. The weight will be released and will not come back. The inner man is ready to shine through to the outer man – and the outer man is ready for a change as well.

One bite caused the fall of man. One bite will not be my fall. I will not eat if I’m not hungry – not one bite. And I will eat when I’m hungry – one bite at a time.

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