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One Little Bit Brings You Closer to Your Goals

Make your way one little bit at a time.

It’s up to you.

The choice is yours.

You can if you will.

Little bit closer

I believe all of these sayings. Meditating on these ideas has helped me make my plans. I know in my knower it’s within my grasp. But I haven’t put my belief into full action. Without actions, the best ideas will die on the vine. You have to do what you believe if you want to reap the harvest of your dreams.

For me, that means having a plan that works for me.

In 2013, I was challenged to come up with a focus word for the upcoming year. Ironically, I chose “Focus.”

Since that first year, I have made it a point to set an anchor word for the #WhiteBoardofWorldDomination. It sets at the bottom of the board to help me stay anchored into my purpose.

A theme for the year goes at the top of the #WhiteBoardofWorldDomination. Starting two years back, I took time to decorate the saying. It makes it look pretty, connects to the colors on the board, and brings a smile while I’m decorating and when I look at it.

Little Bits of focus to launch the New Year

Knocked Off Course from My Little Bits

The last year did all it could to knock me off track. About the time I would gain my footing, something would happen:

  • Family quarantined with me (meaning I wasn’t home alone anymore)
  • Family schooling from home with me (meaning I had to share my bandwidth)
  • Tornado crushing our home and destroying my workspace (meaning all I had set up was no longer available)
  • Insurance seeming to drag its feet (meaning we remain in a perpetual point of unsettled
  • The rental house sells just as we begin to feel at home

That list only touches on the surface, but in the end it all came back not to what happened to us but to what we did when things happened.

Things are always going to happen.

My anchor word for 2021 will be SETTLED because my circumstances don’t have to be settled for my life to be settled.

Focus Folder

In the spirit of being settled, I’ve honed the Focus Folder daily page to include a menu for the day and a way to keep track of all my little bits. Knowing where you are going is important. Defining the steps it will take to get there is even more important. You only reach your destination one little bit at a time (one bite, one step, one choice).

Breaking down the year into six-week chunks (again, the little bits lead the way) makes the Focus Folder more beneficial for 2021. After six weeks, I’ll take off a week to review what worked, what didn’t, and make the adjustments necessary to get me a little bit closer to where I want to be.

Join me on the journey to create your unique world domination. The link will take you through the eight steps to map out your world domination. You can also purchase your copy of the Focus Folder 2021 daily page or get the original Focus Folder printables to begin building the life of purpose and focus.

You can.

We can.

Let’s make it happen – one little bit at a time!

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Create Your Rebuilding Plan -#WhiteboardofWorldDomination

When you set your sights on your unique possibilities, then it becomes easier to set aside expectations. The #WhiteBoardofWorldDomination process offers eight steps to help you create your way.

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