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  • Hi Kathryn –

    Too funny! I was “in the zone” tonight when my neighbor knocked on the door. I almost jumped out of my skin.

    I’m oblivious to conversation and noise when I read. A good story can transport you to another world.

    Susan 🙂

  • Hey Susan,

    Don’t even get me started on the reading end of it. My husband outlawed fiction books for the longest time. I would pick one up and be worthless until I finished (of course it would only take me about two days).

    The amazing thing is that I’m aware of what is going on around me but not “in” what’s going on – if that makes sense. So I can (usually) step out if I must, but won’t if I can avoid it.


  • As far as your work area’s location, it could be worse. I read that Stephen King’s first office was sitting on a small chair between the washer and the dryer.