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Personal Writing over Freelance Writing

Freelance writing may be your business but your need to create may be just as urgent. It can be hard trying to balance your personal writing with your income writing. Ideally the two would be the same. Until you reach that moment of freelance writing success here are some tips to help balance personal writing and freelance writing.

Find Balance between Freelance and Personal Writing

    1. Schedule time for your personal writing. Just like you schedule your work you need to block out time for your own writing. Start with just an hour a day and work up to a word count that could push you to finish that novel you’ve been working on (or promising yourself that you would start).

    2. Carry a notebook with you and make use of waiting times for your personal ideas. Sitting in the doctor’s office or waiting for the game to start at little league can offer several minutes of brainstorming time that will let you capture writing ideas and make them easier to put on paper at another time.

    3. Limit your work load to 40 hours a week. It can be tough saying no to extra income but you need to make time for your own writing and for your life.

    4. Create a schedule for your work load. Knowing when you need to complete a job and about how long that job will take will help you stay on track with your work and keep you from procrastinating. Be sure that you plan your schedule so that you complete jobs several days before the due date (to give you some breathing room in case the unexpected happens).

    5. Stay organized so that your workload does not sneak up on you. Keeping an orderly office and schedule will free up more time than you can begin to imagine. The free time is the perfect time for your personal writing.

Freelance writing can be hard work but it does not have to pull you away from your personal writing. Finding the right balance between freelance writing for income and your personal writing will keep your muse dancing for a long time.

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