Positive Thoughts Create Possibilities

Focusing on positive thoughts helps me create a world of possibilities

I sat in a conversation about possibilities and listened to incredible ideas and fantastical dreams. I then took a bucket of cold water and poured it all over the flames of their inspiration.

Even a rainbows and lollipops host – and a mom that spends ours feeding the imagination of children and was born to grow up positive thoughts – can all into the trap of extinguishing dreams.

I struggled to sleep that night when I realized what I may have done with my words. I am supposed to be the ignitor of dreams. Instead, I dealt a crushing blow of reality on those who dared to dream.

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Maybe it hadn’t been possible before.
Maybe there had been real obstacles in the past.
Maybe those that had tried before and failed were not the ones that were supposed to make it work.

There are always a lot of “maybes” that can match the cold water of despair.

No matter what was or even what might be (in the way or causing limits), the ones that dared to dream could make it work – and I knew they could.

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I found the others as soon as I was given a chance and I apologized to them for my attempt to dampen their attitudes. I then made a purposeful effort to feed the possibilities by seeing the situation with their fresh perspectives. I made the choice to stop seeing the situation as a “we’ve never done it that way before.” As soon as my focus changed, I begin to recognize the possibilities that can grow when vision is unrestricted.

The more I invested in their ideas and the more I fueled their dreams, the more I began to believe it was possible. I even began to see my own part in this new reality. We began to dream bigger and better than even they had started out because we were working together and willing to work together.

There would still be walls to face – and we each recognized the hurdles ahead – but we refused to let those walls hold us back or close us in. Together we would find the right ladder or get shovels and start digging around or maybe just blast our way through – but we became determined to go.

The more I make the choice to focus on the possibilities and the positive thoughts – yours and my own – the more I discover the possibilities.

I came away from that second encounter believing that I could do more in my own live than I had even started to dream.

Dare to dream – but just as important dare to allow others to dream.

Be blessed,

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