Proverbs 31 Living Daily

Being the Proverbs 31 woman comes easily to me. I jump out of bed and get most of my writing work accomplished before the sun makes it up over the mountain. Completing my work early gives me plenty of time to start chores as I rouse the rest of the house. Breakfast almost cooks itself and the dishes dance happily into the dishwasher. The day continues with home school and then play time and lunch. Before I know it we are all sitting around the family room after dinner playing the guitars (or learning to play) together as a family.

I have this Proverbs 31 thing down! And then the next day I get up late, the kids start off arguing, the cat has flipped the garbage can and the dishwasher was never emptied so dishes are now piling up in the sink and multiplying when I look away.

I re-read Proverbs 31 and it says nothing about every single day. It just gives an overview of the Proverbs 31 life. It makes me wonder if this perfect Proverbs woman might have had an off day or two. It would help to know that she did struggle on occasions.

But perception is the key. I see my flaws as I am sure the Proverbs 31 woman saw hers. She may not have viewed herself in the same way that the writer viewed her. I know that I would be a much more content woman if I viewed my own life through the eyes of my sons.

    “She gets up every morning and spends an hour in prayer.”
    “Whenever we are out she is practicing her guitar.”
    “Everything she cooks is great.”
    “She plans great parties.”

The Proverbs 31 woman was not perfect and the Proverbs 31 life will not be perfect either. See the good, improve on the bad and find the silver lining in the ugly. Living the Proverbs 31 life on a daily basis comes from living a life for God and not from getting everything right and on time or marking off the to-do list. It is a heart issue. When the heart is right then everything else will be right as well.

The right heart will live the Proverbs 31 life on a daily basis.

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  1. True, it does not say much about “every single day”, but remember it does say one thing “She brings him good, not harm ALL the days of her life”. So let’s remember to be wives that bring GOOD to our husbands, even when it is hard. That is the one thing God expects out of us in this passage every day!

    1. I have discovered over these last few days that bringing good to my husband comes automatically when I quit thinking about self and just do what I know to do. And for those moments when self DEMANDS attention, I have started taking a walk or hiding in the bathroom. 😀

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