Proverbs for Prosperous Living – Study Proverbs Chapter Ten

Take a moment to read chapter ten in the Book of Proverbs. Look for at least one verse that stands out and grabs your attention. Write that verse down on an index card and carry it around in your pocket. Invest some time and energy into memorizing that verse.

The Book of Proverbs offers Tips for Prosperous Living

Solomon was asked by God what he wanted and Solomon responded, “wisdom.” The Wisdom he received has been shared through the Proverbs and offers tips for growing a prosperous life.

Tips for Prosperous Proverbs Life from Solomon

    – Be diligent.
    – Stop procrastination.
    – Put wisdom in your heart.
    – Walk the walk that comes from the heart grown wisdom.
    – Speak words of life.
    – Stop strife.
    – Invest in knowledge and understanding.
    – Avoid accusations against others.
    – ALL blessings come from God so remember who it is you serve.
    – Walking in righteousness opens the door for the blessings.
    – Righteousness comes from obedience to God and a relationship with Him and in Him.
    – The heart full of Wisdom will provide the words that reveal the acceptable.

God provides a guideline for the walk that each person will take. It is up to the individual to understand and follow the steps. The Book of Proverbs can be a great way to begin to understand His Will, His Way and the steps that He calls for each one to follow.

Are you willing to do what needs to be done to live in the prosperous life offered up in Proverbs?

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